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Q: Do you offer online classes?

Q: Is there a list of online classes?
A: Yes, you need login here Online School Login (For online only) and create a free account to look around.

Q: How Long can I take to do my online class?

A: All Courses and Continuing Education Classes are self paced, you go at your speed. Please note the following from the Oklahoma Real Estate Code and Rules:

  • 605:10-5-3. Standards for Commission approved real estate courses
  • (j) Additional distance education course requirements.
    • (4) From the date of enrollment, the course shall have a validity period of six (6) months in which to allow successful completion to be attained.
  • This time limit is placed by the OREC so you need to finish your course within 6 months of your actual start date.Your schooling is valid for 3 years.

Q: Can I get an Oklahoma Real Estate licence if I have a felony or delinquent debt like child support, taxes or student loans?

A: NOTICE – Oklahoma Statutes, Title 59, Section 858.301.1 Effective November 1, 2009, state law prohibits the issuance of a real estate license to any person who has been convicted, pled guilty or pled nolo contendere to a felony for a pre-determined number of years based on the classification of said felony. For clarification, please contact the OREC. Additionally, if the applicant has delinquent unpaid child support or student loans, the applicant must check with the Real Estate Commission before enrolling in this class. The Commission will allow the applicant to seek preapproval prior to enrolling in a pre-license course.