The requirements to sit for the state license exam and, ultimately, be issued a real estate license include several points. You must:

* Be eighteen years of age;
*Complete the required pre-license course;
*Successfully pass the pre-license course and end-of-course examination;
*Be of good moral character.
*Submit your fingerprints along with the 6-page application for the purpose of a criminal background check.Application for PSA or SA License (NEW APPLICANT – Revised 04-2019)

 In order to schedule the state exam you MUST get an Authorization Number from the OREC.

To get that number, you must have turned ALL your paperwork to the OREC. Includes the following forms, some you will find in the book.

    • Six page Application.
      • Must attach a $60 check or money order made out to the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission for the background check. (OREC)
      • Must attach fingerprint card to Application.
        • Go to your local law enforcement agency and have them take your fingerprints. We recommend digital fingerprints, they will have the fingerprint card. There is usually a charge for this.
      • Must attach proof of American Citizenship or Legal Alien Status.
      • Affidavit of Lawful Presence.
      • Must be notarized on page 3 and 4.
    • Broker only: Broker Information Sheet must accompany 6-page app.
    • Certificate of Completion. (not in book, you receive when you finish course)
  • Once you have authorization number, call or go to PSIexams.com to schedule the exam.

Certificate of Completion will be made available to you only when you have successfully completed the required course. You will obtain the Certificate of Completion from the school where you took the pre-license course .It must have the school director’s and teacher’s signatures on it in the appropriate place affirming that you have successfully completed the required course.

The 6-page application form will ask if you have ever been convicted of any crime, have charges pending, or are on probation. It will also ask if you are in arrears on any child support payments or in arrears on any student loans. It will also ask if you have declared bankruptcy and in which court. While some of these will not keep you from getting a real estate license, some will. If you have any of these situations in your past, please contact the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission at 405-521-3387 and discuss the matter with an investigator. He or she will likely be able to give you information which will help you with the situation. Please do not wait until you have finished the course to attend to this matter.

In addition to the above, the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission will require proof of your legal presence in the United States. The 6-page form contains this information regarding the suitable documents for such proof, birth certificate, passport or green card.

If you have questions about any of these, please discuss them with your instructor.

If you sent Part A already, you do not need to do this form.